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Meet Baltic Companies in Rostock!

At the 4th German-Baltic Digital Summit you have the unique chance to meet innovative Baltic companies, which are already experienced in the German market.

There are lots of opportunities to reach out to the Baltic delegation within the Digital Summit. By visiting the it-for-business, where the Digital Summit will be organized, you can follow the program of the German-Baltic Digital Summit and reach out to the Baltic companies by making an appointment for individual matchmaking either through the exhibition-app or by making an appointment at the booth of the AHK. Furthermore, some of the companies will have their own booth.

AHK Booth

Meet the AHK staff at the Baltic booth and get information and contact details of the Baltic delegation.

Matchmaking Opportunities

Exhibition App

Use the it-for-business app to use matchmaking functions like chat, meeting-planner, and more.

Digital-Summit Program

Meet the Baltic companies at the side of the Digital Summit program and directly discuss the issues covered.

Booths of Baltic companies

Some of the Baltic companies will have their own booth at the it-for-business. Meet them there!

Buy your ticket for the it-for-business!

You will find more information on when the ticket process starts on the it-for-business homepage.

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